Sep 11, 2012

Pororo The Little Peguin

ini adalah cerita kegemaran mereka berdua..mereka akan terbahak-bahak ketawa bila tengok cerita ni..kadang-kadang mama dia pun tersengih-sengih juga menyertai anak-anak..yang bagusnya cerita ni banyak mengajar anak-anak tentang erti persahabatan..adakala kita mengusik bergurau dan terkasar dengan kawan ..tapi kita perlu tahu batasan dan erti kemaafan..bagus untuk perkembangan sosial anak-anak..

ni ada sedikit info yang saya google tentang Pororo Little Peguin

Pororo the Little Penguin is a South Korean 3D computer animation series planned by Iconix Entertainment and produced by Ocon,SK Broadband, and EBS. Each season has 52 episodes and three seasons have been aired in South Korea until now. In 2003, Season 1 was aired in 27 November 2003 in Korean channel, EBS. In the beginning, 22 episodes of season 1 were made by North Koreancompany, Samcholli. For that reason, there was the rumor that America tried to impose restrictions on this animation as a part ofsanctions against North Korea, but it turns out to be false. About 110 countries imported Pororo and aired it. Pororo is so loved by children in Korea and he is perceived as an idol of children, so he is called Bbo-tong-ryung(뽀통령 in Korean)which means presidentPororo.

Pororo and little animal friends live together in the town covered all over with snow and ice. Pororo, a little curious penguin, and his friends are all different, so great and small commotions occur in this little town. Then one day, when Pororo and his friends hang out as usual, they find novelty egg under a tree in the woods. Pororo takes that egg to his house. Surprisingly, the egg hatches out and the little dinosaur is born, whose name is Crong. Crong becomes new friends of Pororo. Pororo and his friends learn lessons and form a friendship through adventures and events. ~ sumber Wikipedia



He is an impish little penguin bubbling with curiosity! He has to explore, play, taste, smell, poke, prod, figure out anything he finds and crosses his path. However, tends to act before thinking which sometimes gets him into trouble.He loves "speed" and wants to be very active but his legs are too short to take him to everywhere as fast as he wants. But when he rides snowboard, he has nothing to fear and becomes real "speed fanatic" although he falls down more than riding. Always bringing fun and joy into the village, Pororo is every bit as lovable!



Baby Dinosaur that hatched from the mysterious egg Pororo found In the ice hill. Pororo was the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes and thinks Pororo is his elder brother. Wherever Pororo goes, Crong is sure to follow! Being a baby and too little to know any better, Crong is a troublemaker. Also, when he shouts or sneezes, he releases a hot breath of fire which startles his friends, however it's not intentional. But he is still an adorable mascot of the village beloved by everyone.



Loopy is our rosy-cheeked little beaver, and is extremely sensitive and shy. She is a good kid, being nice to all friends and doing things always right. She is always anxious about Pororo's wild schemes, but secretly admires Pororo's easy going nature. She has a habit of hugging her tail or covering her rosy cheeks with her tiny claws when she is frightened or worried


Warm-hearted Poby's trademark is his big black nose and disarming smile. There is no wonder that he is strong but he does not use his strength to anyone. He never turns down people's favors and takes care of all chores of the village. He pleases other friends with ice-carving. Sentimental bear, Poby likes humming along to the music and ice fishing. He is the trustworthy and reliable friend you will be lucky to have. 


Eddy is a very clever and stubborn little fox. He likes to interfere in other's businesses and has a tendency to be a big mouth. He is grumpy if you don't listen to him, but is honest enough to admit his mistakes. Sometimes, it is true that his quick action and wit work well in unexpected situations. He enjoys repairing broken things and working on his inventions, but some of his odd Inventions cause many problems in the village. Together with Pororo, they can stir up the village time to time but truly a charming character.

ni lagu Pororo

Hey, It’s Pororo
I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Little Penguin, Pororo
Snow covered wonderland
Make way for Pororo
Always happy, as can be
Everyday a new adventure waits for me
Call for him my Little Penguin
Porong Porong Porong Porong
Porong Porong Porong Porong
Po Ro Ro
I love to play all day
Come join me all my friends
Always happy, as can be
Porong, Porong, Porong, Porong, Po Ro Ro

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